You are on a flight and wish to watch two movies during this flight. You are given an integer ArrayList containing the movies duration (in minutes) and the flight duration (minutes).

You need to find a pair of films with the longest duration which must not exceed the duration of the flight minus 30 (to take takeoff and landing into account). If more than one pair is found which satisfies these conditions then return the pair containing the longest movie.

Data Dictionary

int flightDur the total duration of the flight
ArrayList movieDurations an array containing the durations (in minutes) of all available films for the flight


Condition 1:Maximum pair duration = flightDur-30
Condition 2:Output must contain the pair with the longest duration
Condition 3:If condition 2 is satisfied with more than one pair of movies then return pair with movie with longest duration

Test Case

Array of movie durations: [90, 85, 75, 60, 120, 150, 125]
Flight duration:250
Expected output[90,125]

Solution in JAVA

 *  Author: MazzyK
 *  Description: A java implementation to find two movies with a total duration less than that of the flight - 30. If more than one pair exists, return pair with longest movie
package flightmovies;

import java.util.ArrayList;

public class movies {
	public static ArrayList<Integer> findMoviePair(int flightDur, ArrayList<Integer> movieDurations){
		ArrayList<Integer> tempArray = new ArrayList<Integer>(); //temp array
		int len = movieDurations.size(); //get size of movieDurations array
		int maxTime = flightDur - 30; //max size of movie pair durations allowed
		ArrayList<Integer> result = new ArrayList<Integer>(); // create new dynamic array to store result replaceFirst()
		int [] temp = new int [2];
		int largerNum=0; //to store larger number of pair result
		int pairDuration;
		//two loops to create comparison of pair sums in movieDurations
		for (int i=0; i<len; i++){
		    for (int j=i+1;j<len;j++){
		        if(movieDurations.get(i)+movieDurations.get(j)<= maxTime){
		//if more than one pair found, find pair with largest packagesSpace
		if (result.size()>2){				//if result contains more than one pair 
			temp[1] = result.get(1);
			pairDuration = result.get(1)+result.get(2); //duration of the two movies
			//find which of the two movies in the pair has the longest duration and assign it to largerNum variable
			if(temp[0]>temp[1]) {
				largerNum = temp[0];
			}else {
				largerNum = temp[1];
			//loop through result, increment by 2 to check pairs not individual elements
			for (int i=2; i<result.size();i+=2) {
				if (result.get(i)+result.get(i+1)>=pairDuration) { //if the next pair has a longest duration
					if ((result.get(i)>largerNum)||(result.get(i+1)>largerNum)) { //if the next pair contains a duration greater than the previous longest duration
						temp[0] = result.get(i);
						temp[1] = result.get(i+1);
						pairDuration = result.get(i)+result.get(i+1); //update pair duration to new sum 
						//update new longest duration in pair
						if(temp[0]>temp[1]) {
							largerNum = temp[0];
						}else {
							largerNum = temp[1];
			//assign final pair to tempArray and return it as a result
		    return tempArray;
			return result;

		public static void main(String[] args) {
			// TODO Auto-generated method stub
			int one =250;
			ArrayList<Integer> test = new ArrayList<Integer>();

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