Who is Funkbubble?

Well if you haven’t figured it out yet this is a one-man (or should I say one-woman) show. Half British and half Greek (hence the occasional odd character on some of the design work), I am a developer/designer/coder/ amateur photographer (take your pick). I am Maz (or Maria).

Why Funkbubble?

Nothing to do with being in a funk. Rather it’s about enjoying the creative process of coding and designing, becoming oblivious to the passing of time, down you go further into a funkbubble of creativity.

What is Funkbubble?

Well it is meant to be a place to collect some of the work I have done as well as an online knowledgebase. So many times I wished I had kept a repository of solutions, ideas and tools I managed to find after a considerable amount of hard work (often accompanied by bouts of exasperation and wanting to throw in the towel). I can never fully make up for not having done so in the past but here’s hoping Funkbubble will facilitate my aim to do so from here on out. Along the way if this happens to help or inspire even one person then that will be great!

What is the image on the front page?

Finally a truly interesting question. It is a work of art by a well-known Greek artist by the name of Costas Varotsos. Though the name of the specific piece eludes me this is what it actually looks like: